Future Textile Mfg. Co.

Fashion Needs End Here.

About Us

Future Textile Mfg. Co. is a new company set up in Ahmedabad to manufacture new fabric with new ideas by professionals with experience of over 50 years in the Textile Industry.

With a focus on the development of sustainable fabric also with the latest concepts in fabrics, Future Textile mostly focuses on kids, girls, and women's wear.

We aim to try to provide new products for our customers which are not available in the market while also trying to break down the orthodox thinking of the textile industry by introducing new ideas and techniques

We are started with our new product BRIGHT DENIM fabric is a new development for the Jeans Apparel industry. It is suitable for all kinds of jeans apparel from top to bottom wear and also for kids, girls, women, and men. Bright Denim fabrics come in some unique quality characteristics which just make it different from other products are as below --

1) As the fabric name suggest its available in bright colors rather than traditional colors with superior colorfastness.

2) In Bright Denim we used smart lycra, it's a new kind of lycra that is very helpful for stability of fabric rather than other lycra fabrics and it comes with only 2% lycra.

3) It's an environment-friendly fabric in all ways. Bright Denim is zero water discharge fabric i.e. no water wastage in production. Its produce by biodegradable colors with superior fastness. And also its zero carbon emission process.

Company Profile

Business Nature : Partnership
Est. Year : 1970
Export Markets : Worldwide